Question by : If Bush is a “chicken hawk” then what was Clinton?
Liberals and democrats here in Yahoo Q and A like to call George Bush a “chicken hawk”. They claim he avoided Vietnam service by joining the Air National Guard, yet has no problem sending troops to fight and die in Iraq. Okay……..

So then what was Clinton? Clinton NEVER EVEN SERVED in the military, but had no problem sending ill-equiped Army Rangers to die in Somalia in 1993-94, sending troops to Rwanda in July 1994, sending troops to Haiti in September 1994, invading Bosnia in December 1995, sending US sailors into harms way to maneuver off the coast of China in 1996 as a threat to Beijing, and firing cruise missiles at suspected chemical weapons sites in Iraq in December 1998! So if George Bush is a “chicken hawk” then what was Bill Clinton?
I have provided FACTS regarding Clinton’s lack of military service and the troops he sent into harms way during his presidency. Calling me a liar doesn’t change that! Sorry! Nice try!

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Answer by Secret Service
He was too.

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