Question by Da Ben Dan: I was on the chang jiang (I believe americans call it the yangtze river) a couple of years ago. When?
is the expected completion date? Is it now partially operational…It was quite an impressive structure when I saw it ,albeit incomplete…I know there were some concerns of the weight of the water held back in such a seismologically active area….is all of this now resolved?
Has the water level in the 3 gorges risen by how much? any info ..thanx

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Answer by NeuroProf
The Three Gorges Dam is ready to hold water on June 1 as scheduled. The water is supposed to reach 135 meters in 15 days. During this period, the water rising will exert some influence on the navigation-
This is from a website detailing the project:
I will say that this website is a bit of cheerleading- the seismic worries are not resolved, and cannot really be any more than those same worries in the San Andreas Fault.

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