Question by Ffion: I have two students on F1 visas living with me and they have questions.?
They are on a F1 visa with a I20 for high school. They are both 18. They are both from China and one wants to open an E-Trade account. She does not have a SSN or TIN. She has a bank account that is it.
The other wants to take a cruise to Mexico. Can he actually leave the USA?

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Answer by Fred S
A cruise to Mexico would be easy enough to accomplish if the student takes a valid passport and a properly endorsed SEVIS I-20 form.

It could be a current SEVIS Form I-20 properly endorsed by the DSO for reentry if there has been no substantive change to the most recent Form I-20 information, or a new SEVIS Form I-20 if there has been a substantive change in the information on the student’s most recent Form I-20 information, such as in the case of a student who has changed the major area of study, who intends to transfer to another Service approved institution or who has advanced to a higher level of study.

He would need to be returning to the U.S. to attend school. Remember, high school students are limited to 12 months of study at a public high school.

The E-Trade question isn’t really an immigration question. A stock broker or the Social Security administration can answer that one.

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