Huoyanshan Scenic Area is located on the east side of Lianhuo Expressway in the east of Turpan City, about 30 kilometers away from the urban area. It is a scenic area dominated by fiery reddish-brown sandstone landforms. This place is historically the site of the ancient kingdom of Gaochang, and in legend, this is the location of the Flame Mountain in “Journey to the West”. The red mountain looks like a burning flame from a distance, and the scenic area is created with the theme of “Journey to the West”. In the landscape area, the tall golden hoop thermometer is the symbol here. This is a must-see for many tourists visiting Turpan.

Huoyanshan Scenic Area is divided into two parts: underground and above ground, and it takes about 1-2 hours to play around. Ordinary, tourists will go to the underground part first. Here is a corridor-style exhibition hall. The ceiling of the exhibition hall is set as sky-like lighting, which is very unique. There are statues and introductions related to Gaochang’s ancient country in the exhibition hall. You can visit them to learn about the history of Gaochang’s ancient country. In the exhibition hall, there are souvenir shops and restaurants, etc., which can be consumed according to personal interests.

After visiting the underground scenic area, you can go to the above-ground part. The above-ground part of the landscape is the fiery red rocks and cliffs. It is very spectacular and suitable for taking pictures. There are many sculptures about the film of Journey to the West on the square above the ground, and there is a huge thermometer which is called a gold hoop.

The Huoyanshan Scenic Area in summer is particularly hot, the temperature can be as high as 58 degrees, and the climate is very dry. If you come there during this time, it must be a special experience. However, you should pay attention to bring more drinking water when you visit the Huoyanshan Scenic Area, and prepare sun protection equipment such as sun hats, sunglasses, and headscarves to avoid heat stroke.