Question by D A: Humanities/History?
According to Confucius, the SUPERIOR MAN is primarily concerned with:
a)getting as much money as he can
b) marrying a beautiful woman who will fulfill his every desire
c) living a virtuous life
d) saying whatever he wants to say no matter who gets hurt

Who lived first?
Genghis Khan

What is the essential method of healing in Chinese medicine?
a) Drinking only cool tea and eating only vegetables
b) Swimming every day in the Yangtze River
c) Meditating on Buddha’s enlightenment
d) Balancing the principle of yin and yang

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Answer by koammudo9
the first answer is c.

mohammed–570 a.d.
buddha — 563 a.d.
jesus 4-6b.c.
genghis khan–1167a.d. so i jesus was first.

the last answer would be c. based on my general knowledge and this website:

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