Question by salim: How to find out the suitable GDS (Airline Booking or Reservation system)system for a new travel agency?
Its for a UK* based travel agency.There are 4 major GDS system(Airline Reservation System*) for travel agent to book or reserve air ticket or hotel or cruise.They are Amedues,Worldspan,Galileo and Sabre…i need to find out which one is suitable for my travel agency(non IATA or ATOL**) interms of booking air ticket, check out fare and reservation.Mostly I’ll deal with Air India*,British Airlines*, Pakistan Int.Airlines*, Biman Bamgladesh Airlines*, Thai Air,Jet Air*, Emirates Airline*, Gulf Air*, Ittihad Airlines*,Kuwait Air, Qatar Airlines*, Air China, Virgin Atlantic*,Singapore Airlines, Luftahnsa Airlines,Delata Airlines and some airlines for Australia, Canada, Brazil,USA.

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Answer by travelgirl218
I would reccommend using Sabre – but then again – all GDS systems charge a fee – so you may want to look into
which GDS charges less for their usage.

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