Question by Something something in the month of May: How to convince my parents to let me stay home alone?
Alright so this year my school goes on a trip to China and my best friends are going. I really want to go, I’ve never been to China before and I doubt I’ll ever have the occasion to go again.

My parents bought us a cruise this winter. Thing is, they chose a ship which I dislike, and to the caribbean islands which I’ve been to twice already. I’m not being difficult here I’d still like to go on the cruise but for more than 1000$ it’s not worth it at all AND because of that I won’t be able to go to China(the record of collected money for a trip is 800$ , I don’t have the time for that and it’s not enough money).

How can I convince my parents to cancel my trip? The problem is they won’t let me stay home alone, I can understand one week is a lot but I’ve told them they can spam my cellphone, I’d pay the costs, that my brother(24) could probably come for the week to keep company, that I’ve never done anything to lose their trust and that I’m responsible, but they still won’t.

I’m losing so much here, just for a small trip I’m not even going to enjoy because of all the negative.

What can I do else to finally convince them? I’m 16

Thanks a lot! This is really important to me

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Answer by Xavier
You like so many other 16 year olds are not recognizing that your family time with your parents is a temporary thing. Some day your parents will be gone or so old they can not get around much anymore. At that time you will wish you had one more day with them when both you and they were younger. You are only 16 and have your whole life ahead of you. They are paying for the trip so suck it up, grab your bikini and shades, go on the trip and relax.

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