Question by : How do they get all the knock off designer bags in Nassau Bahamas?
I just returned from my cruise to Half Moon Cay and Nassau Bahamas. When our boat docked at Nassau we of course had to visit the Straw Market. I quickly learned that everyone was selling the same thing with very few unique Bahamian items. My friends and i were continuously asked if we wanted to look at the purses that seemed to be in huge piles in each vendors section. And while walking the aisles I just wondered how all these women were getting these purses. I know they are illegal and when shipped from where ever they came from (I’m guessing China) they have to go through customs. So how and where are all these poor women getting these knockoff bags from?
P.S. Even though there were few Bahamian made items I found a woman making hand-made bracelets from wood, string, and beads. I picked out which design that i wanted the bracelet to be, what the wood would be formed into and what colored beads that I wanted. In all the cruise was great and I will surely be going back again.

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Answer by Grouper Groaper
Mostly those KNOCK OFFS come from CHINA or INDIA.. it’s a BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR TRADE.

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