Question by smart girl: Can you help me with this poem? is correctly punctuated? is it right?
Deep down, beneath years
Of elegant clothes and food
A shrewd, vain girl’s story hides
Raging with jealous
She neglects the consequences
The result appeared to her before the senses tingled in her small brain
Molten tears ran because of the deaths
Like the floods in the bloody river Yangtze
Nowhere to go
No one to talk to
The live of the poor girl is betrayed
No one thought that this envious girl’s life would end up in the dumpster!
One heartbreaking person
One heartbreaking choice
can you say what grade I can get? the quality?

Best answer:

Answer by Regina
you dont need the exclamation mark after dumpster and make it jealousy and it will make more sense and LIVE needs to be LIFE

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