Question by Lol: are americans stupid?
ok so i have never believed in stereotypes i usually hate them, and i didn’t believe in the “dumb blonds” or “stupid americans” one, but i went on a cruise this summer and i met a lot of americans, there were 3 blonds that were very friendly and when they asked where i came from i said Chile, one responded with”omg! CHINA” you could think it was a misunderstanding (so did i but im a black 16 year old girl who speaks Spanish soo not Chinese at all”, then i repeated “no CHILE” to which they responded “emm.. whats that” i couldn’t believe it, i had never met anyone so dumb

then i met other kids who weren’t so bright but were sort of ok i guess, until THEY started talking about how dumb americans were…
i found it weird, but i had fun though, so i ask, there is no way ALL americans are dumb, assuming that would be STUPID of me, but really, i have been in europe and a lot of places in latin america, and i never met people like this (not that they were ad or anything), but are lot of americans like this?
excuse my english, its not my first language
with “ad” i meant “bad”
and those kids i was talking about were americans
guys theres not need for the insults, im not CALLING americans STUPID, im asking you about what you think and telling you my experiences with SOME americans, i clearly stated that i didnt think all of them were dumb
just because chile is a 3rd world country, it doesnt mean the education is bad, almost 90% of our schools are private education, and i know how to speak english and spañish almost perfectly and some french, so i think its very ignorant to say things like “I doubt 3rd world chileans are any more intelligent” or “we make more money and have a higher quality of life than you do” since life here is pretty good, you are the misinformed one dude, and considering america is in a financial crisis i wouldnt say your economy is better (chile´s economy is more stable than america) and there are more people in the US so obiously the rate of succes is higher

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Answer by jtdmkj0313
they just only care about themselves, it’s not ignornace, it’s selfishness

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