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Q&A: Should I tell my wife all of my business trip plans?

Question by Victor: Should I tell my wife all of my business trip plans?
In between China and India I am planning to stop over a few days in Phuket, Thailand, where I will probably lay on the beach with topless European women and cruise several nightclubs that are packed with Thai prostitutes. I may possibly rent a motor scooter so that I can take one or more of them back to my hotel room.

I also hope to snorkel, either at the north end of Kata beach or off of Phi Phi island.

Would it be practical for me to elaborate with my wife on the details of this weekend stopover in the middle of my lengthy and important business trip?

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Answer by I’m Alan Partridge
Tell her everything. Make her jealous as hell.

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Why should we pass the START treaty when it will undermine our national security? 9 reasons not to pass it?

Question by : Why should we pass the START treaty when it will undermine our national security? 9 reasons not to pass it?
1 The treaty restricts both the United States and Russia to a maximum of 1,550 deployed strategic nuclear warheads. For the U.S. military this would represent a decline of well over 90% from a peak of approximately 31,255 strategic nuclear warheads in 1967. The treaty would also limit the total number of deployed ballistic missiles or nuclear bombers to 700.

#2 As part of the treaty we would tell Russia exactly where our few remaining nuclear weapons are and allow the Russians to inspect those sites. So if the time ever came for the Russians to strike our emasculated nuclear arsenal, they would know exactly where to find our few remaining nuclear weapons.

#3 The treaty is so vague about some of the key issues that the two sides are already arguing about what it means. For example, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says that the restrictions on missile defense are “clearly spelled out in the treaty” and that these restrictions are “legally binding”. But in a recent letter to U.S. Senators, Barack Obama stated that the treaty “places no limitations on the development or deployment of our missile-defense programs.”

#4 Nuclear weapons technology is rapidly spreading around the globe and the need for a missile defense system is greater than ever. If this treaty does restrict our ability to build a missile defense system (as the wording of the treaty clearly seems to indicate), that is a very serious threat to our national security. What is going to happen one day when a rogue nation or a rogue terror group launches a nuke at us? Excuses will not cut it at that point.

#5 The treaty completely ignores the very serious imbalance that exists between the U.S. and Russia when is comes to tactical nuclear weapons. Today it is estimated that the Russians have approximately 10,000 tactical nuclear warheads while the U.S. only has a few hundred. These tactical nuclear warheads can be delivered by cruise missiles, long-range artillery or aircraft. The treaty does nothing to change those numbers. This would put the United States at a very serious strategic disadvantage.

#6 The treaty does nothing to restrict the quality of long-range missiles. Currently, Russia is busy modernizing their strategic long-range missiles. The United States is not doing the same. Once again, this could leave the United States at a very serious strategic disadvantage.

#7 The Russian government has shown that they are not trustworthy. Of course, the same thing could be said about the Obama administration. Anyone who trusts anything that Barack Obama says at this point is an idiot.

#8 North Korea already has nukes, Iran is developing nuclear technology and a number of other important nations such as Venezuela are rumored to be interested in nukes. This is simply not a good time to be getting weaker.

#9 If World War III were to break out over the next decade, the United States would very likely find itself facing a Chinese/Russian alliance. The combined conventional military forces of China and Russia are far superior to those of the United States. The only major advantage that we had was our edge in strategic weaponry, and this treaty would greatly weaken that advantage.

Unfortunately, most of those that will read this article simply are not going to care. The vast majority of Americans believe that the Cold War is over and that war with either China or Russia is next to impossible.

But if this treaty is passed, and there is every indication that it will be, then it is going to make a nuclear first strike against the United States much, much more likely.

Previously, everyone knew that if they messed with America they could potentially face being nuked into oblivion. But if this treaty is passed, our nuclear arsenal would be slashed to the bone and our potential enemies would know precisely where to strike to take out most of our remaining nukes.

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Answer by Primo
Thats the point. That is what Obama and liberals want

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Q&A: going to china next year what should I do?

Question by : going to china next year what should I do?
Hey everyone I am a 16 year old Australian male headed to china next year with my dad and sister< I am heavily excited about going there in fact I invested my self into looking at the culture for the last couple of months and I have not been disappointed, but my farther has decided to let me choose the tour we should go on, has to be a group, I have allot of questions thoe, First one What cities are the best for a deep connection with nature and there culture. second: What activities are there in china, what should I look for in a tour third: do any of you possible any tours that are train instead of plane but they have to be group and last: i'm planning to go on Yangtze river for 3 nights is this a intelligent choice Thank you. Best answer:

Answer by ohcantoh
Bring a face-mask and plenty of diarrhea medication.
And be prepared, the Chinese are horrible people.

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Q&A: The Chinese people is a superior nation. Why should it not fight for its right to lebenstraum in WW3?

Question by : The Chinese people is a superior nation. Why should it not fight for its right to lebenstraum in WW3? (operational) (operational) (operational by 2017) (operational)

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Answer by Abhishek proud indian
we indians will bamboo chinese

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Should I give my baby up for adoption?

Question by maybe: Should I give my baby up for adoption?
I’m 45 years old and I’m having one of those “change of life babies.” This year I was planning to take a cruise, take pottery classes, and visit the Great Wall of China. A baby will make my travel plans difficult. What should I do?
ETA: Indy, do you have a spare bedroom in your double-wide or will I have to sleep on the couch?
Also, I really like Cheetos, so you have to be willing to keep plenty on-hand. They’re better than vitamins and a lot cheaper.
Okay Indy, I think you’re the right AP for the job! I like Cheetos for a middle name too, but would you consider Adolph for a first name? (Wow, this pre-birth matching is awesome!)

Oh, and I require a steady stream of a hearty red, preferably from the burgundy region. I find it pairs well with the Extra Crispy variety of Cheetos and also works wonders for curbing morning sickness.
Uh-oh, the competition is getting fierce! Indy is losing ground.

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Answer by rrss3405
You’re kidding right? Hmm…a baby or trips…how in the world could someone decide. That is just too tough!!!

Seriously, if that is your thinking on a baby then yes you need to let someone else raise the baby and love it. You obviously don’t know how to.

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Q&A: We should Reactivate the USS Wisconsin and the USS Iowa?

Question by outtoprvuras: We should Reactivate the USS Wisconsin and the USS Iowa?
Because of North Korea’s Nuclear Testing and south korea’s threat of seoul being taken over in over-night Liberation and not to mention 12000 artillery sites lined up along the DMZ of North Korea’s borders. Let alone china’s expansive way to manuver with thier force. The two Battleships must be reactivated and modernized once again. because if she were to be modernized, at this moment we have a 6.1in cannon that can fire 63 nautical miles, with 16in guns, imagine how far she could fire and deliver how much power per shell! And she is heavily armored and most definately take hits from cruise missles and such, in a Nuclear testing of the battleship, the USS Nevada survived Two Atomic bombs. and the cost of the USS Wisconsin and the USS Iowa is much much cheaper then with the Zumwalt class destroyers which are untested, not expected to be finished until 2018-2021 and even if the destroyers were made they lack armor and ammunition in comparison to a battleship(we already have museum ships)
Also a battleship has 1/6th the manpower to a Aircraft carrier
and a battleship costs less maintence than that compared to a aircraft carrier, and using only 1/8th the manpower she has that firepower comparable to two aircraft carriers.
and please Torpedos are eboming outdated, they are easily destracted by electronical devices that almost all navies use today, and seamines are becoming hard for submarines to travel since most countries plant them in thier bay at times of war. let alone you can drop seacharges from the battleship and sink a submarine right there lol, submarines are a load of bullshit and only can be used in Nuclear warfare, not sea to sea combat. let alone if you shot a Nuclear bomb you would have the worlds attention.
and yes the battleship if modernized would have the capability of taking a aircraft carrier at full force, to it’s death, hell our Stealth detection systems surpass our own Stealth units, so technically there is no stealth anymore. and back in the Korean War the Govorment asked for the battleship to be removed from the shores of korea before the Paris treaty talks, not the
And please do read the details before you speak, otherwise don’t speak at all.

And do remember were modernizing them, not using the 1940-1991 versions, because were talking about everything that a destroyer uses, a Aegis cruiser uses and beyond.
and please if your not doing any research on this topic and just saying this to get points, do some research then you can actually argue, not like a panzy, thank you.
And a battleship does not offer as much propaganda as a aircraft carrier would if it were to be sunk. and a battleship has survived atomic bombs and other missles, so to take it down could be harder than to take down a aicraft carrier but a aircraft carrier costs more people and more money to operate and more time to build but only to make a aircfield out at sea, not to bombard along the DMZ.
True the Navy does not own the USS Wisconsin, but niether does the museum, it is currently under congress’s authority and they said they will reactivate in a state of national security (such as a war with a large country such as iran or North Korea.)
And laser guided missles can easily be detected by our “anti missle defenses” so laser guided missles aren’t bad if your going to attack the ground, not a heavily armed and defended ship whose still able to launch a tomahawk missles at other small destroyers which have very thin armor.let alone use anti air systems to make airbombing the ship obsolete.
god how many people are retarded i’m talkign about modernizing it anyways, not putting it back out in the sea with it’s current status. besides if we were to be modernized it could shoot 50 miles farther than that of a new destroyer that we aren’t expecting to be done in about 2018-2021. and let alone a jet can only fly 200miles in total, and from a aircraft carrier planes are only allowed to fly out so far before they have to turn back for them to refuel anyways. and if the battlleship would be capable to fire 115 nautical mile range, 15 miles more than the jet’s range is aloowed to fly before refueling.
ok dumb people, smaller ships can be taken out by jets, a bigger ships can hold more, transport more ammunition, and at the same tiem do more than a aircraft carrier. problems on aircraft carriers are highly problematic, whereas a battleship only has a crew 1/6th the size of the aircraft carrier so less, things need to be done on there. and because a battleship can carry more firepower than more firepower than a aircraft carrier, a battleship can go to a major conflict without being escorted. a aircraft carrier is weak without escorts, the smaller ships are tags on the side to escort bigger less armed ships. though a battleship is so well armed it does’nt need a large number of weak assed boats to protect it.
and yes if the battleship were modernized it would meet everyone’s standards, so it’s probley not going to use steam turbines and the type of gunpowder it is currently using, and if were it to be modernized as well, the main guns will be renewed and tested and use safer and stronger ammunition than ever before.
and yes it is financially sound, we are making new destroyers, one of these destroyers cost 1.7billion dollars, and are still much weaker than the USS Wisconsin, hell at the standards the Zumwalt class destroyers are going to be in, the battleship from 1943 could kick it’s ass all the way up and down the seven sea’s. the Zumwalt class destroyer lacks to much armor compared to a battleship and lacks to little fire power to help support a NSFS role. and finding a NSFS support role for the marines is being a highly problemic situation on hand at this very moment because nothing can compare to the NSFS role as well as a battleship ever could, not even a aircraft carrier can’t do that as well.
and listen, i am talkiong about modernizinmg the battleship, not taking the 1991 version and putting it out on the field without having anykind of moderization, whoever would do that is a dumbass, let alone think that. and due to this moment nobody uses a battleship because most countries cannot afford it because they can’t support thier own people at the time.
and yes course the navy still owns the battleship, but congress will be the one to decide if it should go back into battle or not, and mostly congress is leaving that descision to the navy because congress already is worried about not having any NSFS role to help the marines at this point in time and the navy isn’t doing a whole lot to fill that large gap in.
it’s almost like they trying purpoely trying to screw over the marines or something.

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Answer by Scotty
Battleships are too expensive to operate in a manpower starved military. Close air support can achieve similar results at a lower manpower cost.

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Where should we go Europe or Asia?

Question by : Where should we go Europe or Asia?
If Europe we would go to
germany, Austria, Prague, Switzerland and Amsterdam also doing a 12 night Scadanavia and russia cruise
If Asia

We will be going in may

Best answer:

Answer by Daevid
I would say Europe…I’ve lived there before and I talked my mom into gettin out of the army and coming back to the U.S….after i left i realized how much i actually loved living there. If you love castles and the medivel theme, then i highly advise Europe. Also (if your from the U.S.) its a good chance to see where part of our culture branched from. Also i find russia an intresting place to visit… Though i would like to see china and the great wall, i gotta say i would like to pay europe one more visit….(i’ve been to germany, austria, switzerland and amsterdam before….beautiful places)

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What should our next vacation be?

Question by ga kid: What should our next vacation be?
We cant decide between
Hawaiian Cruise
Panama Canal Cruise
Scandinavia cruise with a week in Spain
China and Vietnam

We have never been any of these places and it is us 77,70 and our 2 grandsons 17,11/

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Answer by Kylie Casablanca
Either hawaiian cruise, or SPAIN!

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where should i got for my 16th birtdhay?

Question by bexminexforever<3: where should i got for my 16th birtdhay?
im just turned fifteen and my rents want me to figure out what i wanna do for my 16th birthday. Im not really into the whole sweet sixteen crap. so i told my parents if instead of that i can go on a vacation to whereever i want. i can choose anywhere in the world…should i go on a cruise? or just a normal vacation somewherre nice? im really not looking into going to like china or somewhere rediculously far any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Raindrops.
Well what’s your favourite country? Do you want to go to the snow, a tropical place or just middle temperature? From that, you can figure out where you’d like to go. If you don’t want to go too far, you could go to a neighbouring country.
I’ve always wanted to go skiing and snowboarding, that might be fun for you. Or hanging out at a nice beach. A cruise sounds pretty cool too, so its really up to what you think you’d enjoy most 🙂
Have a great birthday.

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Terrorists Now Have Deadly Chinese Missiles. Should We Stop Doing Business With China?

Question by a bush family member: Terrorists Now Have Deadly Chinese Missiles. Should We Stop Doing Business With China?
“including C-802 anti-ship missiles, reports the Chinese-language Sing Tao Daily. ” “The London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reports that Hezbollah forces are using Chinese missiles to attack Israel”

“second Hezbollah radar-guided anti-ship missile hit and sank a nearby Cambodian merchant ship around the time the Spear was struck”

Deadly Dealings: Missiles From China to Hezbollah
“The successful attacks against a cargo vessel by Hezbollah, using Chinese-made C-802 cruise missiles, raised alarm bells all over the globe”

Best answer:

Answer by oldbasshole
Ya gotta admit that China sure knows how to make a buck,huh..?

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