Question by : going to china next year what should I do?
Hey everyone I am a 16 year old Australian male headed to china next year with my dad and sister< I am heavily excited about going there in fact I invested my self into looking at the culture for the last couple of months and I have not been disappointed, but my farther has decided to let me choose the tour we should go on, has to be a group, I have allot of questions thoe, First one What cities are the best for a deep connection with nature and there culture. second: What activities are there in china, what should I look for in a tour third: do any of you possible any tours that are train instead of plane but they have to be group and last: i'm planning to go on Yangtze river for 3 nights is this a intelligent choice Thank you. Best answer:

Answer by ohcantoh
Bring a face-mask and plenty of diarrhea medication.
And be prepared, the Chinese are horrible people.

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