Question by John M: I want to go to China for roughly 2-3 weeks. Where in China would you recommend that I go?
I will be going just before the Olympics take place.

Note: I’m a young adult who is interested in historic sites, unusual sites (ie- Stone Forest), typical tourist sites (Forbidden City), and hiking. I want to experience China to its fullest, and I am willing to take several intra-China flights to save time instead of the train. What do you think of this Tentative itinerary? I have noted the number of days I plan to spend in each city beside it (give or take a day or two)

Beijing 3
Xian 2
Yangtze River 2
Lijiang 2
Guilin 2
Hong Kong3
Is the Yangtze River still worth taking a cruise along or is it too late now?

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Answer by Westerland
In 3 days I’m leaving for Hong Kong for 2 weeks
I would recommend going there.

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