Question by bexminexforever<3: where should i got for my 16th birtdhay?
im just turned fifteen and my rents want me to figure out what i wanna do for my 16th birthday. Im not really into the whole sweet sixteen crap. so i told my parents if instead of that i can go on a vacation to whereever i want. i can choose anywhere in the world…should i go on a cruise? or just a normal vacation somewherre nice? im really not looking into going to like china or somewhere rediculously far any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Raindrops.
Well what’s your favourite country? Do you want to go to the snow, a tropical place or just middle temperature? From that, you can figure out where you’d like to go. If you don’t want to go too far, you could go to a neighbouring country.
I’ve always wanted to go skiing and snowboarding, that might be fun for you. Or hanging out at a nice beach. A cruise sounds pretty cool too, so its really up to what you think you’d enjoy most 🙂
Have a great birthday.

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