Question by Codreezy: I Wont Lose My Job With Asking So Much Will I?
Im Planning on Taking a Cruise to The Bahamas from The Port of Baltimore
7 Days in September 30-October 7, 2012

I Was Considering Taking a 9 Day Trip to China to Tour The Country
(2 Days of Traveling, 7 Days There) From October 14-October 22, 2012

Then I am Still in The Process of Enlisting in The National Guard Which I Will Have to Request Time Of From My Job to Do That, Probably Wouldn’t Ship out Until 2013

But Would That Be To Much to Tell My Job That I Need Nearly 3 and a Half Weeks Off for My Traveling in The End of September – Near the End of October ?
Then Informing Them (if Successful) in Enlistment in The Military Reserves That I’ll Need time off for Training ?

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Answer by richardw
They can’t drop you for the national guard stuff, but, they don’t have to let you go take a cruise. Honestly, if I were and employer and knew all the time you were planning to take off, I might be temped to find a way to get rid of you/make you quit… depending on what the job is. If making room in the schedule and workplans is seriously affected by your time off, be ready for a less than friendly work environment.

If it’s something like working at a restaurant, no biggie, you can always find another one. If it’s something you went to school for, you might wait for a natural break in employment before you take off for a couple weeks.

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