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I Wont Lose My Job With Asking So Much Will I?

Question by Codreezy: I Wont Lose My Job With Asking So Much Will I?
Im Planning on Taking a Cruise to The Bahamas from The Port of Baltimore
7 Days in September 30-October 7, 2012

I Was Considering Taking a 9 Day Trip to China to Tour The Country
(2 Days of Traveling, 7 Days There) From October 14-October 22, 2012

Then I am Still in The Process of Enlisting in The National Guard Which I Will Have to Request Time Of From My Job to Do That, Probably Wouldn’t Ship out Until 2013

But Would That Be To Much to Tell My Job That I Need Nearly 3 and a Half Weeks Off for My Traveling in The End of September – Near the End of October ?
Then Informing Them (if Successful) in Enlistment in The Military Reserves That I’ll Need time off for Training ?

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Answer by richardw
They can’t drop you for the national guard stuff, but, they don’t have to let you go take a cruise. Honestly, if I were and employer and knew all the time you were planning to take off, I might be temped to find a way to get rid of you/make you quit… depending on what the job is. If making room in the schedule and workplans is seriously affected by your time off, be ready for a less than friendly work environment.

If it’s something like working at a restaurant, no biggie, you can always find another one. If it’s something you went to school for, you might wait for a natural break in employment before you take off for a couple weeks.

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triva! lets see how much you know!?

Question by deathmaster1995: triva! lets see how much you know!?
1. Which continents touch the Atlantic Ocean?
2. Lake Michigan is what direction from Lansing, Michigan?
3. What direction does the Missouri River flow: west to east and north to south or east to west and south to north?
4. What line of latitude divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres?
5. What two states are not part of the contiguous United States?
6. The following are the four longest rivers in the world: (1) Nile (2) Amazon (3) Chang Jiang (Yangtze) (4) Mississippi. On what continent is each found?
7. A state is to the United States as a _______________ is to Canada.
8. What three countries in South America are in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres?

Best answer:

Answer by Jean-Guy
1. North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Antarctica
2. West of Lansing
3. North to South (in general) but it also travels East to meet the Mississippi River
4. The equator
5. Hawaii and Alaska
6. Nile -> Africa, Amazon -> South America, CJ ->Asia, Mississippi -> North America
7. Provinces
8. Ecuador, Brazil, Columbia

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Where and how much????????

Question by : Where and how much????????
I want to take a 50-60 day cruise around the world , and i know you cant do the whole world in that much time.I want to see china,hong kong, austrialia.Those are the must see and the rest i dont care where ever they are.It needs to depart form the usa in the summer,and return back to that place,money is no object so please i need so websites where you know i could find this very complex vacation Thanks for your time

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Answer by Passenger 1,102,010,295,438,564
Thats impossible for two reasons, RTW cruises are usually January thru April and they take 4 months to go RTW so you couldn’t get on one in the USA and return back by ship in 50-60 days, you’d have to fly one way. Please consult a travel agent that specializes in these types of trips, they’ll be able to answer your questions.

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Is a brand name beach cruiser that much better than one from Walmart?

Question by kkwongusc: Is a brand name beach cruiser that much better than one from Walmart?
I want to get a beach cruiser and have been looking at brand name ones like Electra, Nirve etc. I noticed that they have beach cruisers at Walmart which appeared very similar and weighed about the same. Heck they’re all made in China. I was just wondering whether the name brand ones are necessarily better at 2-3 times the price of the Walmart cheepies. This especially since I’m using it for flat pavement cruising.

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Answer by awaken_now
Go for the Walmart version.
The pavement makes it an easy choice.
Get the extended warranty if available and be smart with the rust protection.

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I need as much information on the yangtze river… NO WIKIPEDIA INFO?

Question by Tom-Dog: I need as much information on the yangtze river… NO WIKIPEDIA INFO?
problems resulting of river use
vested interests
facts and figures
management strategies

include sources plz

Best answer:

Answer by mubfsw
Let me get this straight. You don’t want to do the research for something so you want us to work hard for nothing? Here’s a hint for the lazy; if you do manage to find your way to wikipedia, at the bottom of the page there are external site links. Start there and do your own work.

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Q&A: Why do people think that China relies on the West so much?

Question by Mr Miyagi wants a kiss: Why do people think that China relies on the West so much?
It is a myth, People must have overlooked the fact that China mines 97% of all rare earth metals, these metals are used in nuclear weapons, cruise missiles, catalytic converters, laptops, wind turbines, engines and just about every new green tech there is among millions of other things. China has restricted exports to Europe and the USA, they have basically played a great game. China has in recent years diversified its investments and they are waiting for the USA to loosen its grip on the mideast and will move in like they have done with south Asia and Africa.
@ Scott – i guess you have not been following how China has diversified their economy – there is no need to get angry it is just the way they have played such a good game.

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Answer by Laughing Man
Because they have a huge IOU and if the west fails they are screwed.

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how much money was compensated to the people relocated on the yangtze river?

Question by CaseyCliche: how much money was compensated to the people relocated on the yangtze river?
from the three gorges dam project, i know that the people were forced to be relocated and were given money compensation, but that it was low, how much was it approximately?
actually, money has already been compensated. This summer I went to locations along the Yangtze river and spoke with families who were affected by the Three Gorges Dam, and they were compensated, they would not tell me however how much they were given, only to add that it was very little.

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Answer by Sparrow
The Three Gorges Dam
One example is the dam failures of 1975 that devastated the Henan province and claimed over 200,000 lives but was only recently made known to the public. And while many still fear to offer public criticism against the government within China, it is notable that Dai Qing has been interviewed by numerous foreign press organizations including the BBC.
Li Boning head the Three Gorges Migration Office and plans to resettle and compensate the affected population into the local region. Initially it was hoped that a substantial amount of displaced people (between 1.1. & 1.9 million) would be transported to other provinces. This plan failed when receiving provinces refused to welcome them. Now they are relying on enough uncultivated land in the surrounding areas to provide for the farmers and the budget to afford them new housing and urban developments. Advocates of the dam say government investment and the creation of the Three Gorges Special Economic Zone will draw foreign investors and provide for those who have lost their livelihoods. Critics insist that the environmental capacity of the region is already overtaxed by excessive cultivation and deforestation. The government is accused of estimating too small a resettlement population and an inadequate budget to accommodate them. The loss of residential and industrial resources is far too great, critics say, for the government to compensate. They cite mass relocations undertaken in the past where migrants have resided in makeshift housing for years with insufficient employment and little compensation on account of bad planning and dishonest use of funds among other reasons.

Up to now no compensation has been fixed or funded.


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