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I Wont Lose My Job With Asking So Much Will I?

Question by Codreezy: I Wont Lose My Job With Asking So Much Will I?
Im Planning on Taking a Cruise to The Bahamas from The Port of Baltimore
7 Days in September 30-October 7, 2012

I Was Considering Taking a 9 Day Trip to China to Tour The Country
(2 Days of Traveling, 7 Days There) From October 14-October 22, 2012

Then I am Still in The Process of Enlisting in The National Guard Which I Will Have to Request Time Of From My Job to Do That, Probably Wouldn’t Ship out Until 2013

But Would That Be To Much to Tell My Job That I Need Nearly 3 and a Half Weeks Off for My Traveling in The End of September – Near the End of October ?
Then Informing Them (if Successful) in Enlistment in The Military Reserves That I’ll Need time off for Training ?

Best answer:

Answer by richardw
They can’t drop you for the national guard stuff, but, they don’t have to let you go take a cruise. Honestly, if I were and employer and knew all the time you were planning to take off, I might be temped to find a way to get rid of you/make you quit… depending on what the job is. If making room in the schedule and workplans is seriously affected by your time off, be ready for a less than friendly work environment.

If it’s something like working at a restaurant, no biggie, you can always find another one. If it’s something you went to school for, you might wait for a natural break in employment before you take off for a couple weeks.

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cruise missile technology stollen. who win who lose?

Question by umer i: cruise missile technology stollen. who win who lose?
when america fired cruise missiles to afghanistan.two of them fall in balouchistan(pakistan). pakistan gave these missile to china and china stole their technology and gave pakitan a cruise pakistan is making new cruise missiles.why america didnot stop pakistan to steal his u think america lose in this matter?

Best answer:

Answer by Musalmah M
No one can blame anyone with out a Proof….there was no single proof that Iran has Missile Technology but it was destroyed…………Pakistan is a very Poor Country…..
if Pakistan is Doing something it is only for their Defence…
Not for any Negetive purpose……….India is threatning Pakistan……that By chance they Get seprated One day they will get Pakistan Back…….and West too says till new Century Pakistan will be Destroyed……..for that reason if any Protective measures Pakistan is doing ….it is not harmful for others……….In fact Pakistan is a very Friendly…and peaceful Country…..

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