Bird Island of Qinghai Lake

by jessica on May 19, 2013

Bird Island Bird Island

Bird Island is located in the northwest corner of the Qinghai Lake and it is divided into East Lake and West Lake. When you are walking along it, you can hear birds singing with various sounds from a further distance. Standing on the deck, you see all kinds of birds playing between the sky and the lake; some spread the wings to fly, sweeping one by one white mark across the sky; some chases each other, leaving silver ripples on the water surface; and some bathing on the shore lazily under the sun. How lovely and beautiful scene!

The main reason that Bird Island is the ideal home for birds breeding is that it has a unique geographical conditions and natural environment, which features flat topography, moderate climate and three sides around the water. Quiet environment, flourish water grass, various fish make it the natural place that the birds live and thrive. Those talent birds choose different landform and ecological environment here to build their homes according to their own habits and hobbies.

Bird Island Bird Island

Beautiful Bird Island in Qinghai Lake is the birds’ paradise and the birds’ heaven, and also a marvel of the Qinghai Plateau. This beautiful and splendid Bird Island scenery and the peculiar waterfowl life have attracted many tourists to come here for sightseeing and caused many people longing and yearning for it. Management station for the Bird Island has been set up in the island, and it has been classified as natural reserve areas.

Travel information: 1) Ticket price: 115 RMB/adult in peak season from May to October and 75 RMB/adult in the slack season from November to April; 2) Best time to visit: May to July are the best time and November to February are the best time to view the whooper swans; 3) Ways to go there: take the buses at 7 a.m. with the price of 130 RMB/adult.

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