Kunmbun Monastery

by jessica on May 19, 2013

Kunmbun Monastery Kunmbun Monastery

Loacted in Huangzhong County which is 25 kilometers south of the Xining city, the Kunmbun Monastery is our country’s famous lama temple, tsongkhapa birthplace of co-founder of shamanism in Lamaism , and also the activity center of northwest Buddhism. Features the grand scale, it has more than eight hundred halls in its prosperious time, and it is one of the famous six big lama temple in our country ( The remaining five temples are Tibet sera monastery, drepung monastery, tashilhunpo monastery, ganden monastery, and gansu LaBuLengSi), it enjoys a high reputation throughout the country and southeast Asia.

Kunmbun Monastery Kunmbun Monastery

Having the history of more than 400 years, the Kunmbun Monastery was built according to the mountain and it is composed of daikin watt temple, jin temple, DaJingTang, large kitchen, nine rooms halls, big waves, ruyi pagoda temple, taiping tower, the bodhi tower and many palaces, oratories pagoda temples to make it an ancient building group featuring impressiveness and Tibetan art style.

Kunmbun Monastery Kunmbun Monastery

Xining although is located in the northwest China, the climate is relatively stable, especially the summer climate is cool, which makes it a natural summer resort. Xning city belongs continental plateau semi-arid climate, and its highest elevation is 4394 meters, 2275 meters above sea level in the city center. And it features low air pressure, long sunshine day, strongsolar radiation, therefore, when traveling there, you should pay attention to prevent unscreen, and as the day and night temperature difference is big, so you should also pay attention to keep warm at night. Annual average temperature is 3.2 ℃, January average temperature is 8.9 ℃, and the average temperature of 17.2 ℃ in July.

Travel information: 1) Opening time: 8:00 a.m. -17:00 p.m. 2) Ticket price: 80 RMB/adult; 3) Best time to visit: Summer time. Xining has been called “the summer capital in China,” as climat in summer there is cool and pleasant, but other seasons are cold with big temperature gap between day and night. 4) Do remember that no photo taking in the Kunmbun Monastery.

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