Qinghai Lake

by jessica on May 19, 2013

Qinghai Lake Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake, located in the northeast of Qinghai plateau and northwest of the Xining city, is the largest inland lake in China and also the largest salt water lake in China. Qinghai lake covers an area of 4456 square kilometers, the circumference around the lake is more than 360 kilometers, which is twice larger than that of the famous Tai Lake. The Qinghai Lake features long east and west and narrow north and south, which shows oval shape. Qinghai lake’s water on average is about 19 meters deep with the maximum depth of 28 meters, storage capacity of 105 billion cubic meters, 3260 meters above sea level, which is higher than two Mount Tai.

Natural landscape of the Lake qinghai lake scenic area include Qinghai Lake, bird island, sea heart mountain, sand island, three stone, silurian sword; Lakeside landscape water grassland area includes Riyue Mountain, Daotang River, small north lake, Buhua River, Yueya Lake, hot springs, Cuoda Lake, Xia Geer Mountain, Gold and Silver Grassland, etc. Qinghai lake has a number of Chinese highest honor and it is the national AAAAA level national natural scenic spot.

Qinghai Lake Qinghai Lake

The Qinghai Lake is frozen in December every year with the ice period of 6 months and ice thickness of more than half a meter. There are five islands in the lake, among which the sea heart mountain is the largest..The bird island is located in the western part of lake with an area of 0.11 square kilometers, and it is the breeding interest-bearing place of more than 10 kinds of migratory birds including bar-headed goose,fish gulls and cormorants, reaching a number of more than 100,000.

Qinghai Lake Qinghai Lake

Travel information: 1) Opening time: 24 hours; 2) Ticket price: 100 RMB/adult; 3) Playing duration suggestion: 2 days; 4) Best time to visit: July and August is the best time to go to Qinghai lake because you can view a field of rape flower there, and the annual cycling race is held at that time.

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