1.Cross the Three Gorges along the river

Take a luxury cruise ship, let go of busy work, depart from Chongqing Chaotianmen Wharf, go down the water, and live a few days on the boat, your mood will be as calm as the river.

2.Pillow your lover’s shoulder to appreciate the Goddess Peak

Wu Gorge has a unique climate, with clouds and mist all year round. The Goddess Peak often disappears after the clouds and mist. Whether you are on a cruise ship or in a village on the other side of the Goddess Peak, as long as you are together with your loved ones, the travel is happy.

3.Slowly visit the Dachang ancient town

Dachang is not a famous tourist spot, but it is one of the most representative ancient towns in the hinterland of the Three Gorges. In the evening, there are not many tourists. The town is full of locals. Chat with them, drink tea, or take a walk along the Daning River to tease the children who are playing on the riverside. You can feel the slow life of the Three Gorges people.

4.Hiking the Fengjie Xiaozhai Pit

Fengjie Xiaozhai Tiankeng features a height of 145 floors and the drop of more than 400 meters. It is the heaven of eyes here, but the hell of legs. When you go down to the bottom of the pit, admire the gurgling dark river and look up at the huge cliffs, you will feel the insignificance of humanity and the magic of nature.

5.Taste the hot pot, grilled fish, and various spicy temptations

If you don’t eat spicy food, there will be a lot less fun in life. In the Three Gorges, all kinds of Sichuan and Chongqing delicacies bring the temptation of the tip of the traveler’s tongue, every food will make you unforgettable. Come to the Three Gorges to do two things, one is to prepare the camera to shoot the beautiful scenery, and the other is to prepare a foodie’s stomach. Don’t forget to ask for a cold beer.

6.Feel the majesty of Kuimen

Kuimen is the west gate of Qutang Gorge. Kuimen is majestic, and the best angle to admire Kuimen is on the observation deck on the southeast side of Baidi City. If a small boat drives out of the Kuimen, the huge towering rock wall of Kuimen contrasts with the leaf-like boat on the river surface, which could highlight the majesty of Kuimen.