The best way to enter the Lesser Three Gorges is to take a boat through the scenic river channel of the Lesser Three Gorges and take a boat up the river from the mouth of Dicui Gorge. This does not seem easy. However, it is very attractive for tourists with a spirit of exploration, because only through this trek can we truly find the tranquility away from the hustle and bustle.

The Lesser Three Gorges is located on the Madu River, a tributary of the Dicui Gorge of the Daning River. It is the general term for Changtan Gorge, Qinwang Gorge, and Sancheng Gorge. In terms of appearance and scenery, the water channel is narrower, the mountain is particularly steep, the canyon is deeper, and the water quality is purer. Boating through the entrance, along the way, there are many colorful peaks, mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, continue to go deep into the canyon, the cliffs on both sides face each other, the river is narrow, showing the temptation of the unstoppable mountains.

“There are many beautiful legends here. In addition to the green mountains and the green water, there are caves on the cliffs along the way, and there are hanging coffins.” Speaking of the beautiful scenery here, the boatman’s face cannot help but exude inexplicable joy and pride.

The boat slowly drives along the river channel and in the villages in the distance. The villagers sing the bright folk songs and welcome the guests in the distance. The boatman also become interested, and responds to the villagers in the mountain with a passionate folk song. When you are accompanied by the singing of the song, the landscape along the way has become even more amazing. The primitive vegetation is everywhere, the emerald colors are everywhere, the bizarre stalactites are born everywhere, exuding the primitive and simple atmosphere, which is full of rich poetry and painting atmosphere, making people only have the fun of returning to nature and embracing nature.

The winding river, like a blue ribbon, surrounds the mountains along the coast. The mountains are like the loyal guards, waiting for the others. These originally unconnected scenes, come together to create the charming style of the Lesser Three Gorges.