About eating: Try not to eat in the scenic area, but overall, the consumption in the Yichang Three Gorges scenic area is not high. The dinner is generally 35-40 yuan/person. If it is in the urban area, it is almost the same price, but it has more choices for dishes than in the scenic area. Regarding the special foods in the scenic spot, it is recommended to taste a small amount, if you want to buy a large amount, you can go to a large supermarket in the city to buy it.

About accommodation: Try to book online first! During the peak season, the on-site reservation price is more expensive than usual, and there is not necessarily a room, especially on holidays. 80% of the on-site reservations are not available. When you arrive in an unfamiliar city, if you don’t know how to get to the hotel after getting off the plane or leaving the train station, the best way is to book a hotel package that can pick you up, which will be a lot more convenient.

About itinerary: Most of Yichang Three Gorges’ scenic spots are in the mountains, and the distribution of scenic spots is relatively scattered. Although there are some shuttle buses or buses arriving at the scenic spot, it is more troublesome to wait for the bus to transfer. Especially for the elderly and children, we recommend a suitable individual passenger group, as the price is favorable, it can pick up and drop off nearby, and there is a free guide service. Of course, if you want to be more comfortable, you can also choose a chartered car. The price will be slightly more expensive.

About tickets: Yichang Three Gorges scenic spots tickets can be purchased at the scenic spot, but queuing in the peak season will be painful. In addition, the price is much more expensive than online booking. Some scenic spots have a ticket limit policy during the peak season. It is not always possible to get a ticket at the ticket office in the scenic area. So, I suggest that all attraction tickets be booked online in advance, the price is cheaper than the on-site purchasing, and there is no need to queue.

About how to play: In the scenic area, try to experience yourself wherever you can. Of course, in scenic areas with many steps or tourists with limited physical strength, it is recommended to take the travel tool in the scenic area. Some scenic spots are relatively large. It is better to book a one-day tour or a multi-day tour as there will be a tour guide and it is more organized in a limited time and it is cost-effective.

If you don’t want to share the tour guide and car with strangers, please consider a small tour package. This method is very suitable for family, friends, and colleagues to travel together, which is both worry-free and private. Now let’s start a pleasant journey to the Three Gorges.