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Q&A: Is Yangtze Cruise worth it? (10 Points)?

Question by : Is Yangtze Cruise worth it? (10 Points)?
God welling I want to visit Beijing 3 days then have a yangtze cruise for the rest of my 8 days trip in China? or will i chose to visit another city after Beijing Instead of The cruise??

Is the Yangtze that Beautiful? I like Rivers and relaxation but is Yangtze really that good ? and what things can we see during the cruise?

Any answer would be appreciated

Thanks Everybody

Best answer:

Answer by Nathan
The upper reaches of the Yangtze are much more beautiful than the lower reaches. Fly out to Chongqing and do the three day cruise from their down to the three gorges.Spend some time in Chongqing and then hop on the highspeed train and check out Chengdu.

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Is Yangtze cruise worth taking?

Question by shakira2000: Is Yangtze cruise worth taking?

I am in the process of choosing a China tour for next year. I really would like to visit Shanghai, Beijing, and Xian. I had noticed a tour that also included the Yangtze cruise as well. Is this cruise worth taking?

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Answer by Pete
Some relatives of mine said they really enjoyed their Yangtze cruise. It’s relaxing and the scenery is constantly changing. One said it was a welcome change from rushing through busy cities.

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Is cruising the Yangtze river still worth it now that the dam is operational?

Question by Winnie: Is cruising the Yangtze river still worth it now that the dam is operational?
Has anyone cruised down the Yangtze river and the Three Gorges recently? I heared rumors that the cruise would not be as dramatic since the dam has been in operation. Anyone have pictures? If you had to choose, is it more worth it to visit Guilin instead?

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Answer by drjkfu
To be honest, I was always told it wasn’t worth it BEFORE the dam. I lived in China for five years. I not once went on that cruise, and I have been to hundreds of places. My favorites for pure natural beauty (in no particular order) are Huangshan (shan=mountain), Lushan, Huashan, Zhouzhaigou, Guilin/Yangshuo, Zhangjiajie. Of these places I mention, Huangshan and Guilin/Yangshuo are most convenient. I am taking friends to Guilin/Yangshuo for my FOURTH visit next summer. The Li River cruise and a day on a bicycle through the villages between the Karst mountains are must do’s.

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