Question by trevathantim: How do we as the U.S.A balance the need for energy with the conflict of securing energy security?
In recent years, new threats to energy security have emerged in the form of the increased world competition for energy resources due to the increased pace of industrialization in countries such as India and China. Although still a minority concern, the possibility of price rises resulting from the peaking of world oil production is also starting to attract the attention of at least the French government.[1]

Energy security, or security of supply, is a key component of energy policy in many countries. Since all economic activity requires the use of energy resources, the continuing availability of energy at a price that protects economic growth is a major concern of governments
Strategically, China’s communist leaders are using a Leninist approach in an attempt to influence “those who oppose and those who support China’s interest’s abroad.”

“Once China’s leaders make the distinction between friend and foe, they can develop and tailor [propaganda] themes to counter opposition and advance their overall agenda,” the report said. “Moreover, such distinctions position China to reward ‘friends’ abroad, or alternatively, punish ‘enemies’ to enhance its own position in the balance of power.”
China continues to build up its military in utmost secrecy. Its military spending is estimated to be many times greater than the official estimate of $ 20 billion annually, the report said.

Based on observation of U.S. forces in the 1999 conflict in Kosovo, China has adopted an air-defense system called “Three Attacks and Three Defenses,” that calls for attacking stealth aircraft, cruise missiles and helicopters and defending against precision bombing and missile strikes, electronic warfare and enemy reconnaissance, the report said.

China’s military buildup has led the Pentagon to quietly build up its military forces in the Pacific in recent months. Attack submarines have been deployed in Guam, along with stockpiles of air-launched cruise missiles. Bombers also have been moved to the region to deal with either a conflict in Korea or possibly a war over Taiwan, defense officials said.

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Devalue the Yuan.

Wars have been fought over alot less.

Best way to avoid wars is to make friends and inter relationships.

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