Question by Andy: Touring china?
OK, im 18 but 19 next year and I’m planning before university to go traveling (once again) with my mate.

I love Chinese culture so a trip to china seemed perfect… looking through brochures and various websites I found that a tour would be the best to take it all in rather than being stuck in one place.
HOWEVER big problemo is that tours = middle aged persons and pensioners and the last thing i want is to be ferried around in a convoy of tourists; I want to explore china myself!

Does anyone know of any good UK (or foreign) tour operators that can give you this freedom but at a reasonable price. We are looking at traveling from the major cities such as HK, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, etc and include the Yangtze river cruise. We do have a budget of about £2k

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Matthew B
your going to have a tough time finding one. the problem is china law on tour groups, they have specific laws restricing tourists. They still maintain a sense of isolationism.

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