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Can anyone give some insight into the poem Sow by Sylvia Plath? Maybe themes present, or analysis of the poem?

Question by Lisa: Can anyone give some insight into the poem Sow by Sylvia Plath? Maybe themes present, or analysis of the poem?
I’ve read it through a few times and can identify the literary terms, etc, but cannot get anywhere in interpreting the meaning or the themes in the poem. Any help would be great. Thanks!.

The poem is below:


God knows how our neighbor managed to breed
His great sow:
Whatever his shrewd secret, he kept it hid

In the same way
He kept the sow–impounded from public stare,
Prize ribbon and pig show.

But one dusk our questions commended us to a tour
Through his lantern-lit
Maze of barns to the lintel of the sunk sty door

To gape at it:
This was no rose-and-larkspurred china suckling
With a penny slot

For thrift children, nor dolt pig ripe for heckling,
About to be
Glorified for prime flesh and golden crackling

In a parsley halo;
Nor even one of the common barnyard sows,
Mire-smirched, blowzy,

Maunching thistle and knotweed on her snout-
Bloat tun of milk
On the move, hedged by a litter of feat-foot ninnies

Shrilling her hulk
To halt for a swig at the pink teats. No. This vast
Brobdingnag bulk

Of a sow lounged belly-bedded on that black
Fat-rutted eyes
Dream-filmed. What a vision of ancient hoghood

Thus wholly engross
The great grandam!–our marvel blazoned a knight,
Helmed, in cuirass,

Unhorsed and shredded in the grove of combat
By a grisly-bristled
Boar, fabulous enough to straddle that sow’s heat.

But our farmer whistled,
Then, with a jocular fist thwacked the barrel nape,
And the green-copse-castled

Pig hove, letting legend like dried mud drop,
Slowly, grunt
On grunt, up in the flickering light to shape

A monument
Prodigious in gluttonies as that hog whose want
Made lean Lent

Of kitchen slops and, stomaching no constraint,
Proceeded to swill
The seven troughed seas and every earthquaking

Best answer:

Answer by Need2know
Hi… I don’t know much about poetry…. but I found a page that maybe could help you.

I don’t know if the interpretation is right, but I hope it helps you.

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What are some ideas on what to do during the summer?

Question by Cris: What are some ideas on what to do during the summer?
A couple of friends and I decided to compose a list of 100 things to do this summer. Here is my list, please help in completing it.

Keep in mind I live in Los Angeles so many items on the list are only applicable there.

100 Things to do this summer

1.Make a video and post it on YouTube.
2.Call or text an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a long while.
3.Get a new hairstyle.
4.Start a collection.
5.Attend a Dodgers game.
6.Go to the beach.
7.Bury a friend in the sand.
8.Watch the sunset.
9.Have a bonfire.
10.Roast marshmallows and make smores.
11.Become a vegetarian for a week.
12.Go to a drive-in theatre.
13.Swim at a pool.
14.Buy a waterproof camera and take picture underwater.
15.Go to a dance club (Matinee, Mode 7, Dance, etc…)
16.Stay awake for 24 hours.
17.Go egging anything in sight.
18.Dress up fancy and go eat at a fast-food restaurant.
19.Go to a city/county fair or carnival.
20.Cruise down Hollywood Blvd and take a picture with a mass media character.
21.Go to an amusement park.
22.Read a book.
23.Commit a random act of kindness.
24.Participate in a contest.
25.Go to Las Vegas, Nevada (out of state).
26.Have a water balloon/water gun fight.
27.Go to a concert.
28.Learn to say hello in 10 foreign languages.
29.Get on a roof and begin stargazing.
30.Go to a recreational park.
31.Play a game of any sport (Basketball, Football, Volleyball, etc…)
32.Go bowling (Cosmic Bowling).
33.Bake a pastry (cookies, brownies, cake etc…)
34.Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs.
35.Go hiking.
36.Have a sleepover.
37.Watch a movie marathon.
38.Create a sidewalk mural with chalk.
39.Go to Griffith Observatory.
40.Sing karaoke or Rock Band/Band Hero.
41.Create a website.
42.Go on a bike ride.
43.Learn how to get hyphy (Ghost Ride the Whip).
44.Attend a Hardcore show.
45.Learn how to mosh (two-step).
46.Buy water applicable tattoos and wear them all day.
47.Go to an arcade (Heaven).
48.Toilet Paper someone’s house.
49.Eat at IHOP late at night (dusk).
50.Go to a mall, shop or window shop.
51.Play tag/hide & seek in a shopping mall.
52.Run up an escalator going down.
53.Go to an ice skating or roller blading rink.
54.Eat at a restaurant recommended by an acquaintance.
55.Go to a restaurant and flirt with your waitress.
56.Start a Coke and Mentos experiment.
57.Watch and light fireworks on Fourth of July.
58.Go to a flyer party.
59.Buy zany sunglasses and wear them in public.
60.Go to Golf n Stuff (miniature golf).
61.Prank call an innocent victim.
62.Go to a museum (art, history, science etc…)
63.Play various board games.
64.Go to Lil Tokyo.
65.Walk to Plazita Olvera.
66.Go to China Town.
67.Eat at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.
68.Sneak into an abandon hospital (Hollenbeck).
69.Go to a thrift store and purchase items within a spending limit.
70.Fiddle around with an Ouija board.
71.Volunteer at an event.
72.Have a Barbeque.
73.Donate to charity (Not necessarily money).
74.Play truth or dare.
75.Learn a new skill.

Best answer:

Answer by iheartbball13
well here is the list me and my friend came up with
1.Pull an all nighter
2.Midnight bowling
3.Midnight mini golfing
4.Have a bonfire party
5.Go to Catalina
6.Have a picnic
7.Go to Arizona
8.Lemonade stand and bake sale
10.Tie-dye t-shirts with kool-aid
11.Camping in dev’s backyard
12.Go shopping
13.Work out
14.Ultimate water balloon war
15.Go to the fair
16.6 flags!
17.Ice blocking
18.Have a bake-a-thon
19.Go to legoland
21.Paint balling
22.Sight see in Hollywood
24.Drive-in movies
25.Party at dev’s!
26.Go to thrift store, buy clothes and walk around town
27.Play hide and seek in the mall
28.City wide scavenger hunt
29.Get a black and white disposable camera
30.Dye hair
31.Have a picnic out on the ocean
32.Kayaking in la jolla cove
33.Go laser tagging
34.Food fight party
35.Jello wrestling
36.Ice Skating
37.Beach # competition
38.Teepee someon’s house
39.Make a music video
40.Watch the notebook and a walk to remember
41. Walk through a drive through
42.start a chain reaction @ a drive through
44.Junk food potluck sleepover!
45.Picture scavenger hunt!
46.Paint fight
47.Mall tag
48.Sleep outside
49.Learn how to skateboard
50. Kidnap eachother
51.Play flashlight tag
52.Play cellphone tag
53.Make some money—job!
54.Make a splatter painting
55.Go on a missions trip
56.Sell something on ebay
57. 2v2 beach volleyball
58.Go to IHOP at 1 am
59.Live without cellphone or computer for a day
60.Build a fort! Lol
61.Have a carwash
62.Ride public buses for a day

hope that helps!

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anybody up for some cool soc. studies analogies???

Question by nicole: anybody up for some cool soc. studies analogies???
yangtze river:china::ganges:___________
yemen:saudi arabia::nepal:____________
turkey:black sea::iran:_______________
islambad:___________::seoul:south korea
euphrates river:_________::ural river:caspian sea
dead sea:isreal and jordan::mount everist:________&___________
japan:island::south korea:_________
bangladesh:bay of bengal:: kuwait:_________
indus river:pakistan::tirgris river:___________
cyprus:mediterranean sea::sri lanka:_____________

Best answer:

Answer by Lucas S
No I will not do your homework for you 😛

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Q&A: can some one give me the definitions of these words?

Question by : can some one give me the definitions of these words?
first one to anwser this gets best anwser!!

Lower & upper Egypt
Nile River
City state
Hammurabi code
King Solomon
Ramses II
Yellow river
Yangtze river
The great wall
Caste system
Siddhartha Gautama
Satrapies satrap the royal road
Emperor (china)

Best answer:

Answer by bohogirl1
you’re funny

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Q&A: When Traveling to China in May what are some important things to take to eat or clothing etc.?

Question by Beverly N: When Traveling to China in May what are some important things to take to eat or clothing etc.?
We are going on a tour which has 2 river cruises and land time. I am a little worried about the food, but mostly what would be approiate to wear. Will it be hot considering the humidity and all.

Best answer:

Answer by Junior Mint
I don’t know where you’re going, but I don’t think you need to worry about the food much….it’s great. As for the weather, it depends on where and when you’re going.

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Is it possible to see the best of the yangtze and get some nice pictures in 2 days?

Question by Greg the great!: Is it possible to see the best of the yangtze and get some nice pictures in 2 days?
I will be in Chongqing june 1 evening. I have to be back to Chengdu june 4. Is it possible to get some good yangtze river pictures of the 3 gorges area?

Best answer:

Answer by Mr Hex Vision
Most tours take 3 days. I guess the only way to know is to ask the hotel your staying at. They may offer a overnight trip….

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