Question by Nguyen T: Where come those silly rumors that Tom Cruise is Gay?
I’m sick of hearing rumors of people being gay, that’s their private life.They call that outing and its almost a tradition in north American and great brittain.You won’t find that in china, japan, muslim countries or south american countries. Even south Europe(italy, spain or greece) don’t out people like unat, unless they are involve in a sexual scandal with minors.

Outing was invented by a few frustrated Gay activist wishing to make every noble straight man to their level.Since then, popular media have found an evil pleasure to denigrate people reputation with simple rumors.

The targets are often good looking Caucasian man like Tom Cruise or Ricky martin.Even if they are gay, why people have an evil pleasure of making other people less happy.Since they don’t want to be label as Gay why not let them live.

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