Question by Junaluska: Do Americans need a visa to visit Sanya china when arriving on a cruise boat?
I have read something about a “visa on arrival” and also a “no visa policy” for travel groups over 5 persons. We are only in port for 7 hours and it seems absurd. The cruise company is Scandinavian and has made some kind of arrangements for them but nothing for Americans, although this is a very popular cruiseline for Americans.. Any advice or recent experience will be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Eileen J
I traveled alot and seems all countries need a passport to get into them…I went on river cruises and boats. I been even checked on buses from one country to another. even on travel group tours….I would ask a travel agent though. You may not be able to get off the cruise ship without it,,,better Check or wait it out on the ship..GOOD LUCK,,,have fun wherever you travel..STAY safe.

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