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I am ready to go hit the TOWN!?

Question by Cali Guy: I am ready to go hit the TOWN!?
I am 14 years old,yet I have not been any where in my own back yard hardly! I rarely go Downtown or the Beach Ive never been to Hollywood haven’t saw the Hollywood sign or even China Town! Not Catalina or a Cruise nor Historical Sites! as you can by now I live in LA and only go places when its my birthday or other holidays,and I just want to have fun and make every day an adventure or at least every weekend! when I ask my parents they bring up there favorite line (yeah you want to do all this stuff but with what with what money ERIC!) lol what can I do wait till I get older> any clubs that take you out I can join? Again I want to go somewhere with out it being my Bday and not Disney Land or Magic Mountain lol
oh yeah when we do go out it is in our little neighborhood our local mall or movie theater or Chucky cheese yawns

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Answer by John
Remember 4 items –

1) Listening

2) Reasoning

3) Understanding

4) Negotiating

You could try the long-lost art of speaking with your parents concerning your thoughts and feelings.

Choose a time when both parents have absolutely nothing to do. (They can’t give excuses, then)

Remember that you might need to give up some of your time for this to happen.

Also, choose an atmosphere which is conducive for discussion, such as a “neutral” room of the house, or perhaps (if the weather is nice), sitting on a blanket in the back yard.

Above all, the atmosphere must be relaxing and no interference, such as TV, other people, music, noisy locations, etc.

The simple trick of communicating is CALMLY (and I mean calmly) discussing with your parents your thoughts, dreams, and hopes. Other subjects could also be included.

Remember the word calmly. It does no good if one raises their voice and tries to control the conversation.

Another trick is listening to their side of the conversation. Don’t you dominate the conversation and keep your ears open.

Remember, you asked them for their time, so give them your full attention.

Most conversation ends abruptly because of non-listening.

An item of importance; if one of your parents says something you don’t agree with, don’t belittle them; instead,

Negotiate and ask them what would be agreeable to them.

(This tends to work wonders – it makes them stop to think, sometimes helping them realize they just might be unreasonable. But keep in mind – they might do this to you, so have some reasonable answers ready.)

Keep the communications open and two-way (or three-way, if both parents are present.)

You’ll find that listening, reasoning, understanding, and negotiating are very effective ways of communicating and eventually everybody gets what everybody wants.

It also shows your parents that you are growing up and possibly ready to handle responsibilities.

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I am trying to get ready for December17th (10 days) cruise to Mexico?

Question by allagraph: I am trying to get ready for December17th (10 days) cruise to Mexico?
I have no idea what to pack, what reservations to make ahead of time, what dinning time to choose, what weather to expect…. Please help me; I have only 4 days to get ready after my China business trip.

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Answer by marion r
yea it doesn’t matter you’ll probably get really sick on the ship anyways so bring something comfortable

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