Question by Hawk_Nelson_Rox: What was life on the Yangtze River like before the Three Gorges Dam was built?
I had already tried googling it and I couldn’t come up with anything. Only how life after it was built. Thanks. And try to give your source or give me a website that I can go and visit myself.

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Answer by James™
Before the dam was built, there many floods that drowned a nearby city with population of several million. In 1954, a flood killed 30,000 people and left one million homeless. But the dam prevents this sort of thing from reoccurring.

A long time before the Three Gorges Dam, the Yangtze River was used for transportation, a lot more than it does now. The large cargo ships would have raised the water level and caused even more floods. The dam has reduced the amount of transportation up/down the river helping considerably to reduce the flooding of the riverside towns and cities.

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