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Q&A: While public eyes focus on Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea is a naval war brewing?

Question by Jack P: While public eyes focus on Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea is a naval war brewing?
ABOARD THE USS GEORGE WASHINGTON – Cold War enemies the United States and Vietnam demonstrated their blossoming military relations Sunday as a U.S. nuclear supercarrier cruised in waters off the Southeast Asian nation’s coast — sending a message that China is not the region’s only big player.

The visit comes 35 years after the Vietnam War as Washington and Hanoi are cozying up in a number of areas, from negotiating a controversial deal to share civilian nuclear fuel and technology to agreeing that China needs to work with its neighbors to resolve territorial claims in the South China Sea.

China claims the entire sea and the disputed Spratly and Paracel islands over which it exercises complete sovereignty. But Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines also have staked claims on all or some of the territory, which straddles vital shipping lanes, important fishing grounds and is believed rich in oil and natural gas reserves.

There are huge oil reserves under the Spratly and Paracel islands and the basis for the Chinese claim [over the claims of Vietnam and the others] is military prowess and projected naval power. The claims of the others haven’t been resolves, so much as placed in abeyance out of helplessness.

Meanwhile, China owns a healthy piece of the US national debt which, if repudiated by the US because of war, might be more than enough to offset the cost of doing business [as well as throwing China into a state of economic chaos].

The Chinese claim to the South China Sea has been a thorn in the side to the entire region for a long while, and it’s become thornier as China gained economic and concurrent military strength. Nobody’s said much about it in any language, but maybe non-verbal communication says a lot?

Is the new best friend the US seems to be finding in Vietnam a whisper of possible resolution to all manner of problems keeping the US president awake nights?
Repenting Israel: The question refers to The South China Sea. The South China Sea is a long way from Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran and Israel.

As it says in the Bible, “There’s more to heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” [paraphrased].

Thanks for the unrelated opinion, however.
John Trottier: Thanks for the unrelated opinion. Evidently CE doesn’t include any answerers who are able to read maps and locate the South China Sea and the proximity to the places you refer to other than China.

Thanks anyway.

Best answer:

Answer by Repenting Israeli
China, India, Russia do not want US military aggressions in their neighborhoods! North Korea and Iran are two more competent assistants of these three powers beside strange Pakistani nuclear machines!

In short USA and it’s master Israel are trapped! Their militaristic jingoism is bringing trouble for them.

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Q&A: Is it time to strike Iran?

Question by Hazbro: Is it time to strike Iran?
How do you feel about pre-emptive strikes? The mullahs in charge of Iran are intent on making their nation a nuclear power in the region. They have just announced deployment of new highly accurate cruise missiles. That they are developing atomic weapons is beyond doubt. Do we sit on our hands as they develop nuclear-tipped cruise missiles? Or do we put an end to the regime while we have still have troops sitting on their borders in Iraq and Afghanistan? Taking Saddam Hussein’s regime down was justified on the basis of global security. Could invading Iran be likewise justified? Do you believe meaningful economic sanctions can be effective when both Russian and China don’t participate? Or would you never be in agreement with pre-emptive action?
FYI, for the smartasses. I’m an Army veteran.
Yes there are harmless well-meaning people in Iran. There were harmless well-meaning people in Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Hussein’s Iraq, as there are in Afghanistan. This will always be true of any nation whose leadership and military are a threat. We have little evidence that these well-meaning people are now or will be in a position to topple the Islamofacists that rule the country and populate the military. The evidence we have is that the regime can and will brutally and successfully oppress the opposition while continuing to impoverish the country with aggressive weapons development and deployment. Had we waited for the decent folk among the German people to overthrow the Third Reich we would all be living in the Third Reich and a number of ethnic groups would either be extinct or be slave races for the Germans. Unfortunately tyrants are not turned aside by prayer or by singing Kum Bah Yah around the campfire while we toast marshmallows.
I think most of you were born before Iraq launched an invasion of Kuwait for the purpose of acquiring their oil fields? Saddam Hussein didn’t march into Kuwait alone. This notion that the people are always mere bystanders to a tyrant’s actions is false. Obviously, given the size of the active duty Sepah and Basij military units, a substantial segment of the Iranian population supports the Iranian regime. Iran claims nearly 1 million active duty and over 11 million paramilitary reserves, making it, on paper at least, the largest military force on earth, and one that pervades the society on all levels. It seems like wishful thinking to expect the opposition to toppel this regime.
I attended a declassified briefing that among other topics covered the hardening and dispersal of Iraq’s verified and suspected nuclear facilities. The analysts reported some of the facilities are buried under so many meters of rock and reinforced concrete that we cannot be confident our most powerful non-nuclear bunker busters would work. If a conventional attack failed, then we would have solidified internal support for the regime’s nuclear program without stopping it. And using nukes? Unless we elect Dick Cheney the next president, no U.S. president now or on the horizon will sign off on that. So I think we need to prepare ourselves to face a nuclear-armed Iran that will then become far more belligerent and dangerous than even the pessimists imagine.

Best answer:

Answer by hog b
“It is lucky for leaders that the people are stupid.”
-Adolph Hitler.

As true today, as when he said it, as exemplified by this question.

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Getting China to attack Iran.?

Question by old_man_blanco: Getting China to attack Iran.?
Instead of the US risking military conflict with Iran, would it not be a good idea to dress up a couple dead Iraqi millitants in Iranian uniforms, place then just over the border with China, lob a few cruise missiles into the territory, and make it look like a failed Iranian attck on China had occured.

With a bit of luck China will retaliate by attacking Iran.

The Germans did a similar exercise during WW2, when the made it look as though Poland had tried to attack Germany, and promptly invaded them.

This is just a slight variation on that theme.

Best answer:

Answer by WindowLicker
china won’t attack iran… they have too much at stake oil-wise.

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Q&A: Do you think cruise missile owned by Iran and China is able to destory air craft carrier?

Question by Verdi: Do you think cruise missile owned by Iran and China is able to destory air craft carrier?

Best answer:

Answer by Blunt Honesty
No, not big enough to destroy. Will damage, though.

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