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Day trip Guilin to Longsheng and Yangshuo?

Question by Gavin: Day trip Guilin to Longsheng and Yangshuo?
I’m going to China next year and wanted to know whats the best way to see Guilin, Yangshuo, and Longsheng(rice terraces) in 4 full days(3 nights). I was thinking:
Day 1: Arrive in Guilin, explore
Day 2: Longsheng day trip
Day 3: Yangshuo day trip(li river cruise) or possibly spend the night?
Day 4: Explore rest of Guilin and fly out

Is this efficient, or is there a better way to do it? Thanks for the help!

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Answer by ricomon
i hope to go to these places one day.

but your plans sounds great. have fun!

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How to get from Yichang to Guilin (China)?

Question by Alex F: How to get from Yichang to Guilin (China)?
Little help!
My cruise will be finished in Yichang at 13.30. I would like to go to Guilin as my next destination but can’t find any info how to get in there. Somebody said that the best way is to take train to Yueyang and than to Guilin but I can’t find the train schedules for this destinations. Anyone can help? I do not want to take a flight. Thank you.

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Answer by China Roamer
there’s no direct train between Yichang and Guilin. You can take train to Liuzhou fist, which is about 1.5 hours journey to Guilin

A: Take the No.1473 train, leave Yichang at 13:00, arrived Liuzhou at 04:39, takes around 16 hours. While your ship arrived Yichang at 13:30, and if you take this train, you need to stay Yichang overnight. Arrive Liuzhou, you can take the early bus (around 7am)which is faster than taking train to Guilin

B: Take the K8086/K8083 train to Wuchang first, leave Yichang at 14:28 and arrive Wuchang at 19:24, takes around 4.5 hours. Then take the K21 train to Guilin, leaves at 00:49, arrive guilin after 11 hours, at 12:29.

The B is a little rush as you will rush from port to railway station in 1 hours. Just remember that you need to book the ticket in advance.

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