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Is it cheap to shop in France?

Question by Hailee Mac.: Is it cheap to shop in France?
My bday is in Sept. so me and my family are going to France.
Is it like China, where everything is super cheap to shop at fashionable places,
or is it way more expensive than the US?
I want to save up to 1000 bucks for when i go….
will that cover for about a month?
Can we take a cruise there?
I really want to ride in a cruise ship,
so can i?
Is there any cool places to go?
Things to see?
Anything will help!
Thankyou sooooo much!

Best answer:

Answer by Alex88
Hello u,
well i’m french and for the shopping i think u can forget about it… shirts cost between 5 to 20 euro, pants cost between 40 to 100 euro, for the shoes its between 60 to 130 euro. It is not cheap but fashionable…
for the cool place its up to u … what do u really like and interested in…
but i can propose u those places:
Moulin rouge, Eiffel tower, Montparnasse tower, Versaille castle, La cité des sciences, notre dame de Paris, Sacré coeur de Montmartre, centre George Pompidou, and Le Louvre… try it
Hope u ll apreciate to visit my country.

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Activities to do in Egypt, China and France?

Question by Bill: Activities to do in Egypt, China and France?
I want to know what specifically not just tourist sites, things to do. ex: cruising the nile.

Best answer:

Answer by Grotbags
Egypt – Fending off the local men who want to get with you in order to extort your money off you or get a visa into the UK

China – Hope to hell that meat you are eating isn’t dog

France – Carry about your French dictionary and translate everything into French as the locals will pretend not to speak English even though most of them can.

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