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Can US win a war against China?

Question by pczhoucotdt: Can US win a war against China?
China has S-300 anti-aircraft missiles and HQ-9 (version of Patriot missile developed from alleged Israeli technology transfers in the 1980s). well, China has been producing J-10 (version of F-16 from Israeli technology) and J-11B (Su-27 equipped with dual chinese made WS-10A engines). Stealth fighters like the F-22 Raptor can still be shot down if you can see it. For instance, I have a shotgun and I see a bird so I can shoot it down. Stealth fighters are only undetectable to radars not cannons and lasers. Recently, China has been purchasing advanced Russian weapons like Kilo submarines (equipped with Klub missiles designed to hit aircraft carriers), Sovremenny destroyers, Vympel missiles, Shkval torpedoes, and Su-30 twin seat fighters. China is going to build a aircraft carrier in 2010 and has be actively producing type 052C (version of Aegis destroyer) and Type 052B destroyer. China has the DH-10 land cruise missile with a accuracy of 10 meters and Pl-12 missiles capable of Mach 4.

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Answer by dodgerblue_2008
If China and the U.S. fight a war the only winners will be the roaches

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does the U.S military have a supersonic antiship cruise missile? or an actual defense against the russian one?

Question by lucky: does the U.S military have a supersonic antiship cruise missile? or an actual defense against the russian one?
My brother is on an aircraft carrier in the gulf….says they are all freaking out about the new russian missile china and iran has. That the US military is lacking in anti missile technology…and also has nothing to match the russian made new “sunburt” missile. Is this true?
Ive been looking around the web/asking questions. So far…what ive found out is 1)The us does not have a supersonic missile. he have the harpoon which is from the 70’s. As far as defense we have the Aguies(sp?) system that the russian missile was made to destroy.

Further question. If we have a military budget spending more the the russians and china…why dont we have better technology?

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Answer by Sean Penn
I heard about that, we have nothing. That’s why the some peoplein the Pentagon are nervous.

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