Zhouzhuang Water Town

by vikash on May 1, 2013

The most popular water village of China, Zhouzhuang Water Town is situated in the southeast of Suzhou city and of Kunshan’s southwest. The place is very famous of its cultural heritage, well preserved historical and natural environment, beautiful water views, and the humble innocent locality. No wonder it is called as the ‘Venice of China’, a must try trip in a ‘gondola-alike’ boat will leave breathtaking moments of every sight.

Zhouzhuang Water Town Zhouzhuang Water Town

Surrounded by lakes and rivers, Zhouzhuang offers distinctive scenery. Twin Bridges, consist of Shide Bridge and Yongan Bridge, are well known as the symbol of Zhouzhuang. Not less famous is Fu’an Bridge, a bridge that functions more than a bridge. Inside the bridge towers, we can find restaurants, tearooms, and even stores. It is definitely a perfect place for resting while enjoying the charm of Zhouzhuang. Another attraction not to be missed in Zhouzhuang is Shen’s Hall of residence. The house is completely built in Ming’s style. The whole property occupies more than half an acre consisting of more than 100 rooms. What a house! I must say.

Zhouzhuang Water Town Zhouzhuang Water Town

As the oldest water town in china, Zhouzhouang has its immortal charm. Salute to the efforts for preserving the water town very nicely. Even though so many tourists have been visiting every day, the place looks so authentic, natural and elegant. Walking by the road comes the feeling of living in China past. It is just slightly untouched by modernity. It is a refreshing treat from an ancient village. To get the complete fascination, early visit is advised. For so much of crowd around lunch time and weekends, to keep the memory of this endless charm of Zhouzhuang, some local products is available for collections. Stone teapot, silk, and paintings are most wanted. Also, pork leg and local beer are not to be missed.

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