Wuzhen Water Town

by vikash on May 1, 2013

Yangtze River tourism is not complete without visiting Wuzhen water town. Situated in the south of Yangtze River, it is surrounded by six ancient towns place in north of Tongxiang. Built in 19th century, Wuzhen is well known for its two thousand years history packed in its beautiful water views, floating bridges, and wood carvings. Strong cultural background is also one of many, that make it a distinctive tourism place. No big talking, Wuzhen is indeed a beautiful place. It is recognized as Provincial Ancient Town of History and Culture in 1991. The achievement means a first rank of six ancient towns located in the south of Yangtze river.

Wuzhen Water Town Wuzhen Water Town

The authentic atmosphere of traditional living is very strong. Wuzhen has successfully preserved its original township’s features. The town is neat and unique. Its 2 kilometers area is divided into six districts. Traditional Local-Styled Dwelling Houses District, Traditional Workshops District, Traditional Culture District, Traditional Shops and Stores District, Traditional Food and Beverage District, and Water Townships Customs and Life District. Especially in Traditional Workshops District, visitors are offered to see the makings of traditional crafts, printed fabrics, old-fashioned cloth shoes, and tobacco-planing.

A trip around Wuzhen water town shall be beautifully ended by having a cup of tea. A perfect place for it is Fanglu of Pavilion. The pavilion is considered as the best teahouse in the town. Aroma of the tea of Fanglu Pavilion combine with a fantastic view of Guanqian Streets is a complete refreshment to make the visitors’ day.

wuzhen Water Town wuzhen Water Town

One more amazing attraction in Wuzhen is bridge in bridge. Tongji Bridge lies from east to west crossing Renji Bridge that runs from south to north. The unique thing is that either of Tongji and Renji bridges can be seen through the end of the other. That is why it is called so.

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