Generally speaking, it is not possible to get seasick, because cruise ships are usually driven at night, and normal rest and entertainment will not be affected. The speed of the Three Gorges cruise ship is around 26km/h. Now with the advancement of technology, there are balance wings on large cruise ships. And now most of the cruise ships will choose to sail in a mild climate with a gentle water flow. The green hills on both sides of the strait have become natural wind screens, and it is difficult to form severe windy weather. So, most passengers will not have any discomfort. Of course, you must also choose to travel the Yangtze River on the premise that all aspects of your body are ok, so that you can have fun.

And you can choose to take the most innovative cruise ship: Century Series Luxury Cruise Ships.

The Century Series luxury cruise ship includes a number of cruise ships of glory, legend, emperor, diamonds and mythology ships. The price of the legend ship and mythology ship is still relatively favorable. What is important in the new century is innovation. The first all-empty hall has created the largest sun deck of the Yangtze River cruise ship and the largest per capita area. You can imagine that after joining the hollow-out fashion element, the entire cruise ship becomes high-level instantly. The technical update makes the noise lower, and you don’t have to worry about being disturbed on board. The first 270-degree sun-viewing restaurant and the sunny barbecue bar have countless ways to satisfy you on the “eating”; the first enjoyment of the four season theme travel on the cruise ship can meet your needs, so that you can only immerse in the beautiful scenery of the Three Gorges and can’t extricate itself. If you want a fresh and rich boating experience for your Yangtze River Cruise, then you can decisively choose the Century Series luxury cruise ship.