Tiananmen Square is very solemn, and you can feel the historical charm of the year. Being the center of Beijing, Tiananmen Square starts from the National Museum of China in the east, and the Great Hall of the People in the west, and you can see all the sights from the Tiananmen Square.

Tiananmen Square on Chang’an Avenue is witnessing thousands of tourists from all over the world coming and leaving here every day. There will be daily flags raising and flag-lowering ceremony here. Be sure to check the time to watch it! The soldier standing guard is a unique scenery, and when they are walking to Tiananmen Square, there will be solemn and imposing charm there.

If you visit the Tiananmen Square, you must watch the flag-raising ceremony early, otherwise you can only see the backs of others. From the security checkpoint in the west, there will be fewer people and the queues time will be shorter. If it is the first day of the month, the flag-raising ceremony will be very grand, and every Monday you can go to the Tiananmen Gate. To visit the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall has to wait in line for a long time to enter, and the package is not to be taken into. There is a place to store the package in the east.

The square in front is very large, the water sold there is super expensive, the consumption in the scenic spot is very high. It is recommended to go there after you have eaten food. The cultural atmosphere of Tiananmen Square is very heavy. You can go all the way to the Forbidden City in the back. You can play there for all day!

In the early morning of Beijing City, the antique buildings there are mixed with the smell of earth and the fragrance of green leaves in the air. The road is very spacious. There is no endless vehicles. Beijing is a place where you will fall in love, especially after you have visited the Tiananmen Square.