Xitang Water Town

by vikash on May 1, 2013

Another historic water town in China is Xitang. It is located in Jiashan County, Jiaxing City. In the past, the town was an important place around the boundary of the Yue and Wu states.

Fantastic place of Xitang makes everyone amazed. Be it the locals or tourists, they are struck with amazement and admiration of the place. Alike a fairyland, Xitang water town is a quiet and natural place with dazzling clear blue water running alongside. Dauntless bridges, shiny sunset, and glittering lights in the evening draws an outstanding picture of life.

Xitang Water Town Xitang Water Town

Xitang is filled with buildings of Ming and Qing Dinasty with great artistic value. The most notable features of the buildings are covered corridors, bridges, and lanes.

The covered corridor along Xitang water town may be the one and only fascinating of the whole Yangtze river. Hence, it distinguishes Xitang from the other water towns in China. Stands in a row, over 1,000 meters long covered corridors are indeed attractive. One part of the corridor is carved beautifully with decorative artistic patterns. Leaving an elegant mark that result in visitors’ praise.These corridors are not just for display. They are as well being shelter to hide from the sun and rain. The other side of the covered corridor that is alongside the river is meant for the visitors passing by as a resting place. Live up the memory of living in the past by walking along the Xitang covered corridors.

Xitang Water Town Xitang Water Town

The bridges are the heart of Xitang water town. They are inseparable. Not only because they connect each part of the town, but it is beautifully made in such a way that it forms an artistic value. Talks regarding the bridges are still spreading among the locals, that the creation is definitely a masterpiece.

After Bridges and covered corridor, one significant symbol of Xitang water town is lanes. All can be found here. The lanes used to be the main connectors of the town in the past. It is unique. Wherever you start, the lanes shall deliver you to any place in the town just like a rope.

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