by jessica on April 16, 2013

Located in the Shanghai center city, the Xintiandi is a urban tourist attractions showing the Shanghai historical and cultural view. It is a famous pedestrian street reformed on the basis of the unique shikumen architecture of old Shanghai area, featuring the combination of catering, business, entertainment and culture. It makes the fundamental key with fusion of Chinese and western, old and new combination to fuse the Shanghai traditional shikumen lanes with new buildings full of contemporary feeling together.

Xintiandi Xintiandi

The Xintiandi nowadays is Shanghai’s new landmark, it is the best place to enjoy Shanghai history and culture and modern life form. Covering an area of 30,000 square meters, its Shikumen buildings with sixty thousand square meters building area keeps the bricks and tiles at that time, which makes travelers there enter into As if into the time tunnel and back in the 1920s. However, the inner compound of every building is tailor-made according to the way of life, modern city life rhythm and emotional world of the modern city people in 21 century, being the international galleries, boutiques, theme restaurants, cafe and bar.

Xintiandi Xintiandi

Outside the door is the amorous feelings of shikumen lanes, inside the door however is completely the modern way of life, just one step beyond, makes you feel like across the universe of time. Colorful street performances, and innovating fashionable activities bring new rich move feeling of modern fashion style to become the leader of modern trend. The Xintiandi in Shanghai has successfully rewrote the history of shikumen and injected new vitality to the shikumen that has been the historical relics.

Xintiandi Xintiandi

In daytime, you will see a lot of Chinese and Foreign tourists go to xintiandi for sightseeing and photo-taking, at night, here is filled with romantic European charm. Because of the outline of history and culture and the modernization of internal space and also the international management content, the Xintiandi makes middle aged and elderly people recollects the good old days there, the young people feel it fashionable, the foreigners feel it “Chinese” and the Chinese feel it foreign. It has been a best choice for leisure time there.

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