The Bund

by jessica on April 16, 2013

The Bund The Bund

Located in the bank of the Huangpu River in the Huangpu area of the Shanghai city, the Bund is the attractive sightseeing in Shanghai, with its surrounding Landmark landscape including the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower etc. in the other side of the Huangpu River, which makes it the must-see and must-arrive scenic spot for every travelers there.

The Bund The Bund

Featuring the total length of 1.5 kilometers, with its south starting from the Yanan east road, north to the Garden Bridge of Shanghai in the Suzhou River, east facing the Huangpu River and west gathering the World Financial Center and Foreign Trade Agency in the old Shanghai period which are made up with 52 different style of the classical revival buildings characterized by Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, Chinese and western style, the Bund is called the Universal Expo of Architectures. It has been changing a lot because of those new-built skyscrapers in its back: the famous Bank of China Tower, Peace Hotel, Custom House, HSBC Building there recreates the “Far East Former Wall Street”. Though those buildings were not designed by the same architect, nor designed in the same period, their architectural color is basic unity, and the overall contour processing astonishing coordination. No matter you appreciate them from a long distance or walking along them, you can sense the energetic and vigorous, natural and graceful and showy momentum there.

The Bund The Bund

The streetscape made up by the bund river, long beach, green belts and the grandeur of the buildings is the most characteristics of the landscape in Shanghai. It has been listed as one of the ten now scenery in 90s in the year of 1995. The Bund, in the morning is the best place for people’s fitness, in the daytime, is the busy tourist attraction, at night, is the heaven and earth for couples in love.

Travel information: 1)Opening time: 24 hours; 2)Ticket price: free; 3)Ways to got there: take the No. 868, 921, 37, 55, 65, 33 and 123 city public buses; 4) Best time to visit: spring time and autumn time, March to May and September to October. 5) Duration suggestion: 1 hour.

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