Question by Peace Love Jonas: Who will I be In The Show?
We are having this event at my school and its called international day so what we do is that all the people in the top french and german and arabic group do a show so what my group is doing is french so we picked a theme and what we will do is all the important people (ambassadors and singers etc) will sit at a table on a cruise and we will be eating and talking in french then the cruise wil start to sink then we all run off stage so my question is who can i be? my friends are being p diddy, miss universe, a business woman, ambassadors and designers and so much more i was going to be the ambassador of china but then oi thought about carla bruni, jk rowling or Kate winslet.


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Answer by Head Girl
okay pick a number between 1-10…. chosen?

if you said….

1,5,6-ambassador of china
2,4,3-carla bruni
7,10-kate winslet
8,9-j.k rowling

it’s crazy but you decide!

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