Question by b: Definition of Stakeholder?
Hi. I am doing a project about China’s environment, and am confused on the definition of stakeholder. Is a stakeholder a person/group that causes issues or is a stakeholder people who are affected by certain issues, or both?

For example:

The Yangtze River is polluted with agruicultural and industrial waste, and is not suitable for human use.

Would the stakeholder of this situation be farmers and factory workers because they are making the waste pollute the river, or would the stakeholder be Chinese villagers because they cannot use the water and are affected by this. Or would the stakeholders be both the villagers and farmers/factory workers?

Please don’t say look on or anything like that. I looked it up but l am confused. Thanks!
Please explain in your own words. I already looked on

Best answer:

Answer by Vincent V
1. the holder of the stakes of a wager.
2. a person or group that has an investment, share, or interest in something, as a business or industry.
3. Law. a person holding money or property to which two or more persons make rival claims.

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