Question by : What if your boyfriend did this?
I’ve been dating this guy for more than a year. A few days before our one year anniversary, we had a fight and broke up, but TWO days later, we got back together. one of the things i was very specific about was, if he had been with another girl while we were broken up, i needed to know, because if that was the case, i would not want to get back together with him at all.

Now this is two months down the road after the break up, and i got a call from this woman looking for him. Turns out she’s a prostitutes from china. When i asked him about it, he finally admitted that in the 2 days we were broken up, he had gone out and gotten THREE whores, two together the first time, and another one the next day which he took out on a day cruise.

Now, when we were arguing about this, his point is, technically he wasn’t cheating cuz we were broken up, so whatever he does is none of my business, and he only lied about it cuz he loves me and wanted to get back together with me, and if he’d told me the truth, i would never have gotten back with him.
My point is, i could not have meant that much to him to go to whores after one year with me, so i don’t understand why after dropping his whore off he would suddenly be so in love with me he saw the need to lie to me to get me back.

urgghh really need some advice… is it fair of me to break it off with him for being with other women while we were not together… and for lying about it…


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Answer by swoddy
he needed to tell you the truth. and he needs to get checked out for STDs. 3 whores. You have NO idea what a mess they might be. I don’t know if it’s enough to break up over. But I know it’ll drive you crazy because it was only TWO days. The fact that he couldn’t keep it in his pants for 2 days speaks volume about his character. It’s all up to you though. Good luck

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