Question by Addison L: Anyone want to play a BNG?
All right!

1. You’re fresh out of college at 22, have a job offer and meet “the one.” What’s his name?

2. At 24, you’re pregnant with a little baby boy! Your boyfriend proposes and you happily consider your baby name… he wants to name him after his grandfather: Hubert. You hate this name and must come up with a way to fix it! (Tough one!)

3. You’re little baby boy is adorable and you’re wedding went perfectly! You get back from your honeymoon and PRESTO! A month later you find out you’re having twins! Two beautiful little girls: you decide to name their first names color names, and their middle names must start with R.

4. Your beautiful family is growing, and your husband has a great job, but you miss the little babies. You adopt a little girl from India and a little boy from China! You want to keep their heritage in their names… how do you do it?

5. Your husband gets a job offer in _______ (pick a place!), so your whole family picks up and moves. Your little boy is 7, your little twins are 5, and you’re adopted kids are 2. But guess what? You’re pregnant again! The baby comes out a month early and he’s so frail and tiny but he makes it. His first and middle names must mean fighter or warrior, or something along those lines.

6. Your littlest one is now 3, and you want another kid. You try, and it’s easy! You’re pregnant with triplets! Two girls and one boy: their first names must be related to either winter or your winter holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.). And their middle names must all start with the same letter.

7. Whew! Those triplets are tough! But (accidentally this time!) you get pregnant. Yet again! This time, it’s only one! She is born on a cruise in _______ (you pick a place, but it has to be tropical!) and decide to name her a name that represents the place you lived in.

Your kids are beautiful and healthy…

Now let’s see what you named ’em!!


Best answer:

Answer by Sammy 😀
1. Tyler
2. Kyle Hubert
3. Scarlett Rose and Violet Riley
4. Chanda Tamarai and Jun Hong
5. Boston, Deandre Clancey
6. Noelle Alessandra, Faith Annabelle, and Nicholas Alexander
7. The Bahamas, Lily Jane

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