Question by swimmer_dude02: What do you think about the extinction of the yangtze river dolphin? and what are the other four river dolphin
what are the names of all four species of river dolphins?

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Answer by typetive
There are three different true river dolphin species:
– Ganges & Indus River Dolphin
– Boto (Amazon)
– Baiji (Yangtzee River)

There is another called La Plata which is found in both rivers and close along the coast in South America in the La Plata estuary area. (They can tolerate salt water but are not oceanic dolphins.)

All are extremely threatened by human development in those rivers and as you mentioned, the Baiji was recently declared extinct (though a few animals may live in the wild, it is extremely unlikely that they are a viable breeding population). The isolation of those species is part of what makes it especially difficult for them to survive as top level predators.

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