Question by Rob….=]: Visiting the Yangtze from Shanghai. Suggestions?
Visiting the Yangtze from Shanghai.

I have just booked flights to China for a (short) 10day visit. I am flying into Beijing and spending three nights there before heading to Shanghai. I am travelling with a friend who really wants to visit the Yangtze. What is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way of visiting the Yangtze from Shanghai? I looked at flights to Chongqing from Beijing/Shanghai but they are so expensive, do any cruises leave from Shanghai along the Yangtze? Are there any nice areas of the Yangtze easily accessible from Shanghai?
Thanks for your help in advance.

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Hi there,
There are Bullet trains from Hongqiao Railway Station to North Chongqing that cost 473RMB one way for a second class seats. The journey takes about 18 hrs ( not too sure ). The normal train will take roughly 36 hrs. There are also Cruises to the Yangtze from Shanghai but most of the itinerary were be 6-8days. And its also very costly. Have provided some sites for you.

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