The Master-of-Nets Garden

by vikash on April 10, 2013

The Master of nets Garden is the example of the smallest package that contains the most magnificent gift. It is one of the smallest residential gardens of Suzhou and it is most impressive one. It creates the illusion of that area that is greater than its actual size. The mood of tranquility as well as harmony of this garden is more than the architectural achievement which makes this garden unique.

The Master-of-Nets Garden

The exquisite design of this garden came into existence during the Song dynasty as a part of the residence which was used until the Taiping Rebellion in 1860s. Later, it was restored and becoming a residence of the government official from whom the garden has got its name.

This garden is divided into three sections that are a residential section, an inner garden and the central main garden. There is a large pond in the main garden surrounded by the pathways and variety of buildings like the Ribbon Washing Pavilion and the Pavilion for the advent of the Wind and Moon. There are also many building that are situated so that there is no sense of crowding and always feel of spaciousness.  As it is common in most of the Suzhou garden, there is a small pavilion in the pond and this pavilion can be accessed by a bridge which is less than one foot width.

The Master-of-Nets Garden

You can get the views of the beautiful plants and flowers farming while walking along the garden and along the walkways through the windows from a distance. This will draw a single sight of peaceful natural beauty in your mind. As you will walk through the buildings, you can image the life that the original residents lived in a feudal society and these gardens were solely for the purpose of their pleasure and the pleasure of their guests. Many buildings are constructed which will give you the access to the main garden from any room. These rooms are very much impressive in ornamentation and design and represent the style of the Song Dynasty.



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