Rongma Murals and Hot Spring

by vikash on May 4, 2013

Nagqu, Tibet is well known for its amazing natural tourist attractions. One destination worth a visit is Rongma Murals and the hot springs. It is situated in the mountains close by Rongma and this place posse a huge number of murals. The most famous one is Murals of Mount Galin. What is surprising is that the picture on the stone keeps changing with every season. It is lively attractive. Even more, a bath in hot spring will not only give relaxation, but also can cure skin diseases. A natural panorama plus a natural steam bath creates a great combination.

Rongma Murals and Hot Spring Rongma Murals and Hot Spring

A wonderful natural rock art probably the proper way to explain and appreciate the beauty of Rongma Murals. They are indeed exquisite, ancient, detailed pictures etched in stone. Most of the murals, especially the murals on Jialin Mountain, change shapes and colors as the time and season change. It is surprisingly amazing. Magical, I would say.

The hot springs consists of natural warm springs that expand in the area of more than hundred kilometers. The warm ground water in the spring is naturally produced by geothermal heat of Earth’s crust. Circulation of steamy air that covers the hot spring makes up the experience of natural spa. Visiting the springs, one shall not miss the enjoyable steamy bath. It is an ultimate relaxation.

Rongma Murals and Hot Spring Rongma Murals and Hot Spring

Not only the spring is a perfect place for relaxation, the hot water is said to be the cure for arthritis and some skin diseases. Tibetan people consider it as the healing waters. They believe that the hot spring has natural healing powers. Its warm, bubbled water can clean the disease away from your body. Just take a deep breath and enjoy the natural steamed bath experience. you will be taken away from the hustle bustle of daily life.

Rongma Murals and hot spring are a must see place in Nagqu, Tibet. It is a loss, missing the extravagant collection of stunning ancient murals in Rongma County.

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